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Eritrean Australian Women & Family Support Network Inc (EAWFSN)

Our Story

In May 2003, Mu'ooz social enterprise was begun by a group of refugee women from war-turn Eritrea and surrounding African countries.


The group of 32 met to explore how we could address our lack of employment opportunities and social and economic dependency. We formed the Eritrean Australian Women's & Family Support Network Inc Association (EAWFSN).

To build confidence, we began making and selling Eritrean traditional cuisine at festivals.


2005: Extended business to catering and delivered on subcontracting to MDA for food delivery to newly arrived refugees.


2006: 10 African refugee women completed certificate 1 in hospitality.


2008: 22 women from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast completed hospitality training.

Mu'ooz Restaurant & Catering was opened in Moorooka on the 9th, Jan, 2008.


Mu'ooz Restaurant & Catering continues to provide employment and traineeships for African refugee women giving specialised on-the-job training, building confidence and breaking down cultural and language barriers which impede social integration. For women who have suffered traumatic experiences of war and poverty and have had little opportunity in education in their life, Mu'ooz gives both employment and new opportunities that help in the healing process. To date we have given work experience, training and employment to over 160 women!

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