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Mu'ooz Love Food Hate Waste Cooking Class

Did you know that Brisbane residents throw away approximately 78,000 tonnes of food each year?

As part of the Love Food Hate Waste movement we are excited to be presenting these cooking classes with the support of Brisbane City Council.

Join Saba and the Mu'ooz team to learn the secrets to preparing mouth-watering African food while reducing your food waste at home. In this three-hour cooking class, you will not only cook traditional dishes but also experience the African cultural approach to food, cooking and eating.

African food is healthy, fresh, simple to cook, and downright delicious.

These classes will provide you with a hands-on lesson on how to cook authentic African meals that cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets. At the end of each class you will enjoy the food you have created with other participants while experiencing the ritual of a traditional African Coffee ceremony.


- Enjera (vegetarian) - Traditional sourdough flatbread

- Shiro (vegetarian, vegan & GF) - Finely grounded chickpeas with oil and spices served with stuffed green chillies

- Kantisha (vegetarian, vegan & GF) - A rich mushroom and capsicum stew flavoured with Berbere', onion, tomatoes & garlic

- Beef Zighni (GF) - A traditional favourite spicy beef or chicken curry flavoured with Berbere', onion, tomato, garlic & Tesmi.

- Coffee - Served in a traditional coffee ceremony

Class cost: $20 per participant

Includes Love Food Hate Waste menu planner and information.

Click here for tickets

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